Zenitar 50mm f/0.95 FF E-mount Lens first Image leaked

Zenitar-50mm-f0.95-FF-E-mount-lensThe first image of the upcoming latest Zenitar 50mm f/0.95 FF E-mount lens, leaked via instagram through an unknown source. According to the source, the unannounced Zenitar 50mm f/0.95 FF E-mount lens will be heavy, tough and well-built.

According to the source:-

I visited the PhotoForum 2017 exhibition in Moscow past weekend where I had a chance to get my hands on the Zenitar 50mm f0.95 E-Mount and test it on my Sony Alpha a7s II. I made a quick instagram video and included some footage that was shot using this lens. The lens looks like a tank, weights like a tank, and built like a tank.
Just don’t forget to mention that this is not a final version of the lens and that everything was shot hadheld at 1/60 sec and wide-open at f0.95, so that’s why it’s kinda blurry and not exactly in focus. I don’t want people to think that the lens is a piece of garbage 🙂

Since, there is no information related to the price, specifications and the date of its announcement.


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