Canon developing a new lens technology

Canon-lensIn an interview, the Canon executive shared their plan to Focus Numerique that the company is in the path of developing a new lens technology, which will be more advanced and will allow the users to capture more magnificent photos in coming days.

Here is the extract of his statement:-

    Sans pouvoir vous en dire plus, nous sommes en train de développer une nouvelle technologie qui apportera une réelle valeur ajoutée et permettra de prendre un nouveau type de photo.

Translation: Without being permitted to tell you more, we are developing a new technology that will bring real added value and will allow to take a new type of photo.

Also CanonRumors revealed that Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 Macro IS STM lens and a new PowerShot SX camera will be announced next week. PowerShot SX camera will be successor of the PowerShot SX60 HS.


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